Convert Files To PDF

Click the button 'Choose File' to select the files to convert to PDF.
File will download to your default DOWNLOAD folder "C:\Users\'Your folder name'\Downloads"

You can dynamically create PDF attachments and Password Protect the attachments and the system automatically email the attachments to your clients. This can include:
  • Medical records
  • Confidential Plans( Design plans).
  • Personal or confidential letters.
  • You must create an account with Maroon Software in order to dynamically email documents. However, you can click the “Convert word to PDF” button below and the system will dynamically download the PDF file to your “DOWNLOADS” folder;
Choose the PDF Options
Preserve structure tags, generates PDF document with accessiblity support.
Preserve form fields, generates PDF document with PDF form fields for equivalent Word document form fields.
Convert Word headings to PDF bookmarks, generates PDF document with bookmarks for Word document paragraph with heading style and outline level.
Show the revision marks in the generated PDF for tracked changes or revisions in the Word document.